sábado, 2 de mayo de 2015

New and returning courses.

Nuevos cursos en inglés y conversaciones para practicar dicho idioma. Los nuevos cursos en inglés que imparten son sobre explorar el cine, desde la escritura a la pantalla, impartido por National Film and Television School y la Academia de Cine BFI; la literatura de las casas de campo inglesas, de la Universidad de Sheffield, un viaje a través de la literatura de las casas de campo inglesas, desde los tiempos de Tomás Moro a Oscar Wilde.

Las obras de Gabriel García Márquez, de la Universidad de los Andes; codificación, de la Universidad de Monash, para desarrollar tus habilidades de codificación, utilizando la programación informática como disciplina creativa, para generar sonidos, imágenes, animaciones y mucho más; seguridad alimentaria, de la Universidad de Lancaster.

Otros cursos que comienzan pronto: son una guía a la escritura para el estudiante de la Universidad de Reading; gestión de mis inversiones, de la Universidad Abierta; la comprensión de IELTS, técnicas para pruebas de Inglés, por British Council; ¿Qué es la mente? Universidad de Ciudad del Cabo; la propaganda y la ideología en la vida cotidiana, de la Universidad de Nottingham y Biblioteca Británica; salud del corazón, una guía para principiantes a la enfermedad cardiovascular de la Universidad de Reading.

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In this newsletter… explore new and returning courses, including the first from Universidad de los Andes in Colombia; get top study tips and share your own with the crowdsourced learning guide.

New and returning courses

Explore Filmmaking: from Script to Screen
National Film and Television School and BFI Film Academy

Meet award-winning filmmakers and explore their specialisms - from writing and directing to cinematography and editing.
Literature of the English Country House
The University of Sheffield

Take a journey through the literature of English country houses - from the times of Thomas More to Oscar Wilde.
Reading Macondo: the Works of Gabriel García Márquez
Universidad de los Andes

Explore the first five works of one of the 20th century’s leading writers, including the classic, One Hundred Years of Solitude.
Creative Coding
Monash University

Develop your coding skills. Use computer programming as a creative discipline, to generate sounds, images, animations and more.
Global Food Security: Addressing the Challenge
Lancaster University

How will we feed an extra two billion people by the middle of this century? Understand the global threat of food security.

Courses starting soon

Managing My Investments, The Open University
What is a Mind? University of Cape Town
Propaganda and Ideology in Everyday Life, The University of Nottingham and British Library

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Conversaciones en inglés.

Spring is here. I would like to have an outdoor sports event for the entire office.
How many people do you think can come?
We have to be positive. Most of the office probably.
Does everybody have to come?
People don't have to come if they don't want to come.
What would you like to do?
I thought about a football match. But I suppose people would like a game of cricket and a picnic.
I have to say that I like the idea. Do we have to bring anything?
Yes. You would have to bring enthusiasm and some friends if you want.
I would like to bring my family. I cannot remember the last time I played cricket.
Great idea. I would like you to organise the event.
Well, only if I have to...

I love playing sports.
Did you play much sport when you were at university?
I played American football and I was in a baseball team.
Did you have to train much?
I had to train three days a week. One season we won the state championships. Our team manager was very proud of us.
Are you going to the Saturday cricket game at the park?
I have to go. I am the captain. She's organising it. She's the referee.
I would like to go, but I'm not good at sports.
You have to come. We are going to have a great time. You have to bring your camera and we are going to take lots of photos.
I would not like to look like a fool! I am really bad at sports.
Don't worry. I don't have to remind you it's not about sport. It's about fun.
You're right. Let's have fun!

How long have you been in London for?
I've been in London for almost a year.
And how long have you been working with us?
I've been working since October last year.
That's right. It has been over six months now. And we haven't gone out for a night yet.
But you're married...
Yes, I've been happily married for six years. And I haven't been out for a long time.
I enjoy the arts, going to the movies and I like music. I haven't been to a concert since I arrived here.
I love live music. London has a great music scene. I have been looking for something interesting and I have found a fantastic gig at The Marquee.
I have never been to The Marquee.
You are going to like it. It's a classic.
I have heard about it. Who's playing?
Screaming Targets..

It's all organised. I have finished my last report and tomorrow Friday I have a quiet morning.
Have you asked anyone else to come?
Yes, I've asked a few people. Tracy from accounts and Brad from programming are coming. The others are busy.
I've asked Giselle from reception to come too. Since the cricket game at the park we have become good friends.
I've noticed... And my husband has agreed to look after the children. He has told me to have a good time.
Where are we meeting?
After work, we are all going to meet at The Dog and Duck for something to eat and a drink.
Did you buy the tickets?
I haven't bought the tickets yet. I reserved them a long time ago.
I've never heard of the band. How long have they been playing for?
Screaming Targets have been playing for three years. They're really good. Their music is seventies New Wave style. I love it!
I'm looking forward to it.

Fuentes: Future Learn.