viernes, 17 de abril de 2015

English courses.

El próximo día 20 de abril comienzan varios cursos en inglés que son gratuitos y que nos pueden servir para seguir mejorando nuestro nivel; además, también he encontrado unos enlaces interesantes sobre Basic English, una Infografía con una Guía de búsqueda de empleo para graduados en inglés, y un enlace con Informes financieros en inglés, donde puedes encontrar el Balance de Situación, la Cuenta de Pérdidas y Ganancias, y los Ratios Financieros más utilizados en inglés. Espero que os gusten los enlaces, un saludo.

Dear Future Learner,

In this newsletter… a brand new course from our latest partner, the European Space Agency; popular courses return, including the British Council’s Exploring English; and many more courses starting soon.

Brand new and returning courses

Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds: Maritime Archaeology
University of Southampton

Learn how maritime archaeology investigates our changing relationship with the oceans and seas - from 2.5 million years ago until today.
Monitoring Climate from Space
European Space Agency

Explore our planet from space. Understand how Earth observation techniques are used to monitor and plan for climate change.
Innovation: the Key to Business Success
University of Leeds in association with Marks & Spencer

Understand commercial innovation, how ideas emerge and become reality, with this CPD accredited course. Ideal for both business owners and employees.
Exploring English: Language and Culture
British Council

Improve your English language skills and find out more about British culture. Learn with thousands of people around the world.
Football: More than a Game
The University of Edinburgh

Explore the world of football today. Look at finances, clubs, nations and rivalries. Go from street soccer to multi-million dollar transfers.
World War 1: Aviation Comes of Age
University of Birmingham in association with the BBC and RAF Museum

Investigate how the white heat of innovation during the Great War shaped the history of human flight, turning basic aeroplanes into machines of war.
Caring for Vulnerable Children
University of Strathclyde

Understand some of the approaches involved in caring for vulnerable children. Develop your career in child care or social work services.
Dysphagia: Swallowing Difficulties and Medicines
University of East Anglia

Find out what causes dysphagia. Learn how to administer medicines to patients with swallowing difficulties, including older people and children.

Courses starting soon

Introduction to Cyber Security, The Open University
Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching, University of Southampton and British Council

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Conversaciones para los que necesitamos mejorar nuestro nivel de inglés:

It's twenty past twelve. I'm hungry.
I am hungry too!
Is there a nice place to have lunch near here?
There are many good restaurants. There's a French, an Italian, an Indian, a Vietnamese, a Turkish and a fish and chip shop.
I like eating simple food. A salad, some fish, a dessert...
I love eating vegetarian. There's a small French restaurant very close to the chemist and the bank.
The new one at the end of the street, before the supermarket.
That's right.
Was there something else on that corner before?
Yes. There was a small fruit and vegetables shop.
Can we book a table?
No, let's go now. The place is full by one o'clock.

What do you want to eat?
What is there on the menu?
Onion soup looks good.
A green salad for me. Is there anything vegetarian?
There are many vegetarian dishes. Mushrooms and peppers with ginger for me.
There is something I love. Veal steak. It is delicious.
No fish for you?
Today there isn't any fish on the menu.
What do you drink?
I always drink water at lunch.
Water for me as well.
Hello. Are you ready to order?
Yes we are. As a first course, onion soup and green salad. Second course, veal steak for him and mushrooms and peppers with ginger for me.
Very good. Anything to drink?
Water for both. Thanks.

You are going to be in charge of the meeting with Green Clean.
What does this company produce?
Green Clean is developing a new cleaning product. They are going to sell it in all supermarket chains.
There are already a lot of cleaning products on the market. What's different about this one?
This one has many new components and no chemicals.
Interesting. How much are they selling it for?
We don't know. We are developing a new campaign and we are estimating the sale price.
How much time do we have?
Not a lot. The usual. Three to five weeks.
I am getting very busy. A lot of work is waiting for me on my desk.
One more thing. You're going to need a suit for that meeting.
Thanks for the advice. I'm buying one this afternoon.

I'm buying a new suit this afternoon.
How much money are you going to spend?
I don't know. I'm putting it on my credit card. I want a smart suit.
What colour?
I'm thinking dark blue, black or grey.
Nice! Are you buying some shoes or socks?
Yes, I don't have any formal shoes. I have a lot of sport socks but not many that go with a suit.
Are you buying any business shirts?
Yes, I am buying some business shirts, and some ties too.
There's a good menswear shop in Old Bond Street ...very elegant.
I am trying a department store first. If I don't find what I'm looking for, I'm visiting that expensive menswear shop.
Wait, if you are thinking of saving money, the Sunday markets at Liverpool Street have very cheap clothing.

Have you ever been to America?
Yes I have. Two years ago my husband and I took our child to Disney World in the United States.
I thought you had two children.
The other one was on the way.
Ok. What was Disney World like?
We loved it. We had a really good time. We stayed in a five star hotel and we saw many attractions.
I have never been to Florida.
Have you visited any countries in Europe?
Yes, last year I went to Italy. It was impressive. And four months ago, I took the Eurostar for a week-end in Paris. I enjoyed it a lot.
A few months ago I travelled to France on a business trip. I visited an important client. I also went to the Louvre and I saw many beautiful places.
Did you speak to anyone in French?
No I didn't. I spoke to everyone in English. It wasn't very romantic.

Do you remember your last trip to Paris?
Yes, I do.
When was it exactly?
It was three and a half months ago.
Did you fly or did you catch the train?
I flew. I took an early flight from Heathrow. I arrived in Paris at about nine in the morning and I got a taxi to the hotel.
When did you meet with the client?
I met the client at their offices at noon. We had a brief meeting and we went for lunch.
Did they say anything about a visit to London?
They said they wanted to come sometime. But they didn't say when. Why do you ask?
They called and said they are going to come to the office tomorrow.
Why didn't you tell me that before?
I didn't know anything. I'm telling you now.

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