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Entrevista de trabajo en Inglés.

Texto sobre una entrevista de trabajo en Inglés y otros enlaces con las mejores empresas para trabajar en España.

Para aquellas personas que tienen una entrevista de trabajo en inglés, he encontrado entre los apuntes de un curso de idiomas el siguiente texto sobre una entrevista de trabajo en inglés. También he encontrado un artículo sobre cuáles son las mejores empresas para trabajar en España, donde nos dan el nombre de varias empresas a las que podemos enviar nuestro currículum.

A job interview.

Hello. Sorry I'm late. My car broke down about a mile away.

That's ok. You've turned up now and you're not too late. Did you fill the application form out?

Yes, here it is.

Ok. Let's see. I see you dropped out of Oxford University.

Yes, well ... I was young. I wanted to see the world so I just got on a plane and went to India.

Ok. So, let me clear this up, you left Oxford and went to India in 1979.

Yes, that's right.

I see. Ok. The job you've applied for is warden of the old people's residential unit, isn't it?

Yes, that's right.

Do you get on well with old people?

Yes, I enjoy hearing their stories about the old days.

If you got the job, you would have to move in to the Warden's flat in the housing complex.

That's not a problem. I am single and I have no children or commitments.

Tell me, why do you want to work with old people?

Well, I want to give something back to the community. I've travelled enough. And I like the idea of looking after people who need me.

Very well. Let me show you around the place and then we'll continue the interview with a cup of coffee later. I need something to wake me up to be honest.

Aquí tienes algunos ejemplos de phrasal verbs y sus significados en castellano:

to break down = estropearse, dejar de funcionar

to drop out = dejar los estudios

to fill out a form = rellenar un formulario

to get on well with someone = llevarse bien con alguien

to get off = salir de un medio de transporte

to get by = sobrevivir

to move in = mudarse a un sitio (instalarse)

to wake up = despertarse

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