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Aprender idiomas.

Recursos lingüísticos de todo el mundo. Lingu@net World Wide es un centro de recursos en línea multilingüe para el aprendizaje de lenguas. En el periodo 2013-14 el proyecto Lingu@network, financiado por el programa Lifelong Learnig de la Comisión Europea, transformó Linguanet World Wide en un sitio web dinámico e interactivo, donde los usuarios pueden participar activamente aportando recursos.

También los usuarios pueden crear comunidades en las que intercambiar experiencias sobre la enseñanza de idiomas o sobre áreas concretas de la didáctica de lenguas. Lingu@network es un consorcio formado por más de 30 socios coordinados por The Languages Company, Reino Unido, y la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España.

Si te interesa aprender idiomas, aquí encontrarás muchos recursos gratuitos; el enlace es Linguanet World Wide. A continuación, os dejo textos que he encontrado para repasar el inglés.

Heather, can you please smile and look at the camera?...
I love the way you look at the camera...
Ooops!!! You can't have your eyes closed. You have a very nice smile. Do you like shopping?
Yes, I love it!
The shops have sales in January. You like to go shopping. Smile, you like smiling, you love shopping. You like having a good time...
Can we stop for a minute, please? I need a glass of water.
You can have a rest now. We can have another session on Tuesday.
I like working with you. You're great. You can go now. See you on Tuesday.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.

The campaign is going to start in spring. It's winter now. In January it usually rains, sometimes it snows and it's always very cold.
Yes, I dislike cold winter days like those.
We are going to work on this project in March and April. In spring we are going to have better weather; longer days and sunnier skies.
You're right. People are going to be more enthusiastic and happier.
And before spring, we are going to meet with the client again. I am going to ask for clearer directions about this campaign.
Yes; clearer and more precise directions.
I'm going to talk to the client at the end of February. Can I ask you to organise the meeting?
Yes, I'm going to arrange that meeting in February.
This time we are going to have a longer meeting.

I have got the confirmation for the spring campaign meeting.
In that meeting I'm going to offer two alternatives to the client: one cheap and the other more expensive.
Very good idea.
When are we going to meet?
We have two options. One is the last Wednesday in February the other is the last Thursday in March. Which day do you think is better?
I don't know. I'm going to look at my agenda. Let me see... I prefer to have the meeting sooner; at the end of February.
You're right. In March we are going to have busier days. In spring we always have a bigger client increase.
And what is spring like in London?It's beautiful, the days are longer and warmer. We finally see blue skies with very few clouds. Some days there is rain or a storm. But when the sun comes out, everybody loves it. In general the days are nicer than in summer or autumn. It's my favourite season.
I love good weather. It makes me think of home.

I was with a client yesterday morning.
Who was the client?
A very big financial company. An old friend of mine works there. We were at school together.
Was it a good meeting?
The meeting was very good. We were at their offices in the City of London. Her company was in financial difficulties last year and she was very worried. She is Ok now.
And were you friends at school?
Yes, we were good friends. She was very pretty and intelligent. She was very popular in school.
What was she like?
She was tall, she was slim, she was quiet, she was clever, she was funny...
And you were crazy about her.
Yes I was.
That was a long time ago.
And people change and they are not what they were before.

What was the company name?
Investment International LTD. Their chairman was the richest man in England two years ago.
Who was at the meeting?
The General Manager and the Investment Manager were there. My friend was in charge of the introductions and she was there too.
Was there anyone else?
That's it, there were four of us.
What were the people like?
I have to say they were very friendly. I was very comfortable. They were serious, formal but they were warm.
Were you nervous?
I was not nervous. I was happy to be there.
Was the meeting productive?
I can't say it was productive but it certainly was promising.
Whose idea was it to have the meeting?
It was theirs.

Si ves algún error lo puedes comentar a continuación, os lo agradeceré, saludos.

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