miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2015

Inglés para el trabajo.

Esta semana estoy repasando los enlaces que he encontrado en Internet sobre cursos de inglés enfocados al mundo de los negocios. Lo primero es cómo pasar una entrevista de trabajo en inglés: 20 preguntas para una entrevista de trabajo en Inglés y consejos English Job Interview. Una vez que he conseguido el trabajo, necesito conocer el vocabulario que se utiliza en las empresas. Los enlaces que he encontrado relacionados con el trabajo son los siguientes:

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Buscar empleo y crear una empresa, inglés para las empresas y negocios.

First day of work.

Do you have a minute?
Yes, I have got a moment.
This is a copy of your contract. Mr..... has got the original. This copy is for you. Please sign the document.
Where? Here? Where this cross is?
Yes, next to your name. Under Mr. Cooper's signature. Oh! Have you got a pen? I don't have one. I sometimes forget things.
Don't worry, I often forget things too. Yes, I have got a pen.
Sign this other copy too please. It is for the Human Resources' files.
Thank you. I now have a copy of my contract.
Yes, you have got your copy, Mr. Cooper has got his copy, and HR has got their copy.
Very good. Thank you!

Is everything ok? Do you have a problem with the photocopier?
Well, yes I have.
Let me help you.
I always have problems with photocopiers.
We often think it's the machine's fault. But it is usually us.
I have to make five copies of this document. I haven't got any idea how this machine works.
Have you got the original?
Here it is. It is a new client's proposal.
I have an idea... You usually have to turn the machine on first. And then, you always have to press the green button.
Thank you so much. I have got to remember that.

Good morning. You look a little tired.
Yes. Every day I get up very early. Every morning I take my children to school before I come to work. My husband leaves the house very early.
I wake up every morning at 7 o'clock. I have a shower. I always have breakfast at 7.30. After that, I go to work. I work until 3 o'clock and then I go home. I have dinner. I read a book or I watch TV and then, I go to bed.Does your husband have breakfast with you?
Yes he does. He always prepares breakfast for the family before he goes to work.
Does he work far?
No, he doesn't. But he works a lot of hours.
And you work many hours too.
Yes. I like my work here. I meet many interesting people and do many different things every day.
And I think you do very good work. Everyone likes you.
You are very kind. Thank you.
It's time to work now. Bye.

Hi! Do you go home now?
Yes, I go home now.
Do you live far?
No, I don't live far. I live near here.
Where do you live?
I live in Islington. 178 Liverpool Road. I share an apartment with a friend.
How do you go home?
I take the bus number 390 and then I walk fifteen minutes. In total it takes me thirty-five minutes.
That's not far.
And you Megan, do you live here in Central London or do you live far?
Oh! I don't live near the centre. I live far. It takes me more than ninety minutes. When I arrive home, my feet hurt.
I'm sorry for you. Good night.
Bye. See you tomorrow.

Can I ask you your opinion?
Of course you can.
What do you think about this picture?
I'm not sure if I like it. I prefer that one on your desk.
The client doesn't like this one. They love the concept but dislike this idea.
Who's that girl in the picture?
She's a model. She can smile but she doesn't look natural. She can't connect with the product.
Yes! I can see why.
Can this campaign be ready for next month?
Yes it can. We need to work hard.
We can have another photo session with new models on Wednesday morning.
Wednesday is not possible. Can you do it on Thursday?
Yes, the photografer can do it on Thursday.
I can organise that for nine o'clock. Ok?
Nine o'clock, Thursday morning it is.

Si ves algún error lo puedes comentar a continuación, os lo agradeceré, saludos.